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The focus here is WordPress blog hosting, for blogs large and small. We started hosting WordPress in 2004 and grew gradually from there.
I'm the owner, system admin, and developer with decades of blogging and hosting experience dating back to the early days of the Internet.

Unlike most technology companies, we speak plain English and expect the same in return. Think of me like an auto mechanic. Don't bring your mechanic to my shop. And I'm not coming to your garage, because I have my own tools.

As a client, you'll have my cell number. You won't be waiting on hold for a tech support newbie. I know what that is like, and before I started this business, I would try to work directly with system admins. Because when your website/blog is offline, and you're losing money, hosting becomes a top priority.

From that perspective, we keep daily backups in multiple locations, which you will have access to if the world is about to end. If the world does end, we have servers for that scenario too.

Call 833-CTS-3383, ask for Pete. Whether you're totally new to blogging, or not, let me know what you're looking to do.
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