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J.C. Sterling Fine Furniture stands apart from the rest because I believe your furniture should be a beautiful work of art that connects you to nature and to the future generations that will inherit your investment.

I invite you to make a deeper connection to the furniture I design and build for you. Be a part of the design process by playing an active role in selecting the wood that will be used in the final piece. Sit down with me to discuss one-on-one (or two) exactly what your vision is for the furniture you would like built. Connect with the surrounding forests that grew the trees that I use. Trust me; you’ll end up with more than a beautiful piece of furniture.
A different kind of furniture maker…

I know you are a different kind of consumer. And I am a different kind of Furniture maker.
The wood…

Most of the wood I use is harvested from sustainably managed Pennsylvania State forests. I work directly with a couple of mills that are run and operated by one or a few families specializing in natural edge milling. By working closely with these sawyers I am able to obtain really unique slabs and beautifully figured lumber, fundamental to quality solid wood furniture featuring live edge and natural edge beauty.
The technique…

I run a one-man shop so each piece is designed, built, and finished by me. I alone plane the wood, cut the mortises, glue the joints, sand, sand, sand, and sand some more, and meticulously apply layers of my secret recipe finish that beautifully brings out the natural color and figure of the wood. I use traditional joinery techniques without taking shortcuts. I like to work closely with clients to ensure that the overall design and piece exceeds their expectations and that the piece will outlive them. Whether it’s a wood slab headboard or a wood slab table, our natural edge wood slabs make for excellent unique wooden furniture.
The design…

My designs are influenced by a wide range of 20th century furniture makers, but the ultimate influence of my work is Nature.

The Shibui line of furniture designed and produced by J.C. Sterling Fine Furniture reflects this natural influence. The word Shibui translates as “unadorned elegance” in Japanese. In my opinion, the furniture that will be most pleasing to our senses and our soul will be that which reflects this Shibui nature. In the Shibui technique, I start with the natural edge slab sometimes even using consecutively cut slices of the same tree, and allow that to guide the design of the overall piece. This results in a spectacular one-of-a-kind work of functional art that is pleasing to the eye and comforting to the soul.
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