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Your emotional fitness is your capacity to understand and guide how you feel.

As your emotional capacity increases, you can better handle the stresses of life, consciously shift how you feel in the moment, and embrace interpersonal relationships with greater empathy and purpose.

Studies have shown that greater emotional capacity results in…

*Decreased stress & overwhelm

*Better communication and relationships

*Freedom from anxiety and worry

*More commitment to your goals

*Increased self-awareness and mindfulness

Just like your physical fitness affects your health in many ways, your emotional fitness plays a critical role in how you feel, work, play and live.

If you’re tired of feeling stuck and looking to transform yourself , sign up today, enjoy the journey.
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" was founded more than 25 years ago on the proposition that downtime, especially downtime from changeover, is too important to waste. Quick changeover is the key to productivity.

Changeover between products is the biggest single cause of downtime in most plants and that is our primary focus. Proper and precise setups reduce other, running, downtime so we reduce them as well."
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